Bosses & Bullying

One thing that absolutely grinds my gears… boils my blood… gets my knickers in a huge knot… is when bosses treat their employees like absolute garbage! What is it about executive positions that cause some people’s head to swell so big it might just burst?  I know it may seem a bit naïve of me to expect all top dogs to treat everyone as equals, but trust me when I say that’s what I least expect. The one thing I do expect and to an extent demand is the bare minimum of respect as a human being. Is that too much to ask for? To be honest, for some people I think so.

The thing with me is that I’m confident in whom I am, people don’t really intimidate me and I definitely don’t seek validation from others. If someone at any given workplace speaks to me in a slightly harsh or demeaning way I remain pretty unperturbed. Why? Well to put it simple, it speaks more about them than it does about me. Also, I know my strengths and weaknesses. My trinity of weakness is my blunt tongue, impulsive nature and ruthless anger. I’d rather not go down that road because it makes me feel bad and takes too much energy.

Nevertheless, it still bothers me when I see bosses outright bullying their staff. My question is “why though?”

It’s a question that’s been weighing on my mind for the past couple months and I’ve come up with a handful of plausible reasons.

1. Control and Command Model

Firstly, the way they themselves were treated when they were once subordinates has a lot to play. This learnt behaviour has been embedded into them that they know no different. However, I’d say this isn’t even a fair argument because ultimately you’re the one who decides how you want to behave. It’s your conscious decision to either continue or break the trend.

2. Lack of leadership training

Being a boss is more than just delegating work and making corporate decisions. Not just because someone is experienced or has been with the company for many years mean that they are capable of being a leader. People skills and amicability play a vital role in the wellbeing of a company because the happier the employees are the more efficient they become. Most people don’t possess these qualities to begin with so whenever they’ve been promoted they take their bad attitude with them to higher ranks. And no, a slice of pizza will not make up for any sort of emotional mistreatment.

3. Weak-minded

Some people cannot handle a high position, meaning the title they now possess gets to their head and they become drunk with power.  Also, they might have seen how other higher ups act and they try to mimic them. They have this distorted perception of what it means to be a leader and they’re mean just because the can be with impunity.

4. Self-Centered

Ever seen a boss who only thinks about themselves? These are the kinds who view their employees as jewels to adorn their crown.  You need to be an employee who adds value to them, as a person in a high position, so that they can look good. The minute you slip up, all hell breaks loose because they fear that your incompetence with make them look bad.

5. Projection

Not everyone can dominate their emotions. Your boss might be unhappy about one thing but takes it out on you, your coworkers, the printer, the carpet and even the stray cat that lurks around the property. They just can’t help it

6. Personality Trait

Some people are just bitter. That’s it.

Having a crappy boss can make you feel unmotivated, stressed and distracted all of which can make you less productive at work thus making your boss even meaner and the cycle goes on and on. I’m always baffled whenever one of the chiefs talks to their employees like they are five. I’m more than certain that they would not be delighted if anyone spoke to their child like that. So…what makes it okay for them to speak to you like that? You’re getting your minimum wage at the end of the week so that makes up for it, I guess. (Can you feel the sarcasm? Oh, I bet you can!)

How do you fix this situation? Well, let’s evaluate. Ask yourself if you’re being too sensitive. Maybe you’re taking things to heart way more than you should. Try to be indifferent to your boss’ behaviour and just focus on what you’re paid to do. Take a look around you. Do all of your coworkers share the same sentiments? Is there anything you can take into your own hands to fix?

Try to exhaust all options and if it really comes down to the point where your physical and/or emotional health is compromised then quit.

Businesses wonder why they lose employees so quickly, but fail to realize that incompetent management plays a huge role in the decline. Happy employees don’t simply get up one day and decide to quit for the fun of it. In 2015, Gallup conducted a survey with over 7,000 U.S. adults reporting that one out of two employees quit their job due to their boss. You simply cannot treat people like they are dispensable and then have a surprised Pikachu look when they act like that. That’s a ludicrous mindset, that is!

If you are ever bestowed the honor of holding a managerial position or even if you’re just an average Joe, always remember that whatever energy or actions you put out into the universe will come back to you threefolds.

If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals…

Sirius Black, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

There is a stark difference between being stern and being disrespectful.


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