Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Gel Mask & Scrub

We’re all constantly searching high and low for that magical concoction bottled up in face mask packaging. It’s no secret that a good face mask can do wonders for your skin! I personally have extremely oily skin and I can’t stand it! Everyone always tells me that I should be grateful for my oily skin … Continue reading Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Gel Mask & Scrub

The Jaclyn Hill Palette No Longer Vegan?

Photo by Tamis Souza from Pexels

About a week ago I was browsing through YouTube and came across a video by Jen Luvs Reviews addressing the reason why she's going to take down her review of the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette that was launched in 2017. I started to watch it but I ended up falling asleep and by the … Continue reading The Jaclyn Hill Palette No Longer Vegan?

5 Things That New Nail Techs Should Know

I recently finished my nail tech training course and thought it would be a great idea to share some things I learned throughout my journey. A lot of people think it's merely sticking on plastic tips, slapping on some product, filing here and there and then boom! Job done! Well... this is not the case. … Continue reading 5 Things That New Nail Techs Should Know

Macadamia Oil Extract Shampoo & Conditioner

You always hear people talk about their favourite accessories and quite often they're talking about their favourite shoes, belt, hand bag, necklace or even tiny stud earrings. While I too enjoy all of these accessories, I'd still have to say that for me, my hair is my favourite accessory. Trust me, hair makes such a … Continue reading Macadamia Oil Extract Shampoo & Conditioner

Favourite Drugstore Mascaras

When it comes to make up, mascara is by far my favourite thing ever! It's something so simple, but yet it makes a world of a difference. On those days when I really don't feel like wearing a full face of make up; brows, concealer, my strawberry scented tinted lip balm and, of course, mascara … Continue reading Favourite Drugstore Mascaras