An Apple A Day Keeps Asthma At Bay

You always hear the phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Is it just a figure of speech meaning that if you eat healthy enough you won’t get sick? Or does it literally mean if you munch on an apple daily you’ll keep good health? I think it’s both.

Apples are widely considered to be one of the healthiest fruits as they are jam packed with tons of nutrients. Apart from that they also contain antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties.

I had a very…hard week last week as I experienced a very aggressive asthma episode and still battling with the aftereffects. On Saturday morning I felt a pain in my chest while I was at work. Then Sunday night I couldn’t even sleep on my back because I felt like I was drowning. Monday morning I felt like I was about to collapse, one of the reasons being that my windpipe felt like someone was violently squeezing it and I could do nothing to stop them. Secondly, I was under emotional stress at work for reasons that ought not be discussed. After the doctor give me a check up, he promptly sent me home and emphasized that I needed to rest which I wouldn’t dream to dispute.

You wanna know the best way to royally piss off an asthmatic? Insinuate for even a second that we’re either faking it or doing something that is causing our flare ups. Oh, and don’t forget rambling off to them about a cousin who had asthma and that they “grew out of it.” Listen to me when I say that the only thing you outgrow is clothes, dammit!

In Belize the humidity can get very high. This triggered my recent flare up as the air can trap irritants and allergens like pollen, dust or mold. Also, humid air is dense with moisture which leaves less molecules of oxygen to be pulled into my disobedient lungs. I tried to explain this to someone and they insisted that there must be something I’m not doing correctly or that I’m simply neglecting myself. “I can’t control the weather.” I retorted, which they then found to be very… rude.

I have to admit for myself that there’s a certain degree of shame or guilt that comes with the territory of having an incurable disease such as this. I try to avoid my triggers as best as I can, I use my inhaler, I do my nebulizer sessions and I take my Montelukast daily. I really don’t see anything else I could’ve been doing to prevent my flare up. Could I be doing more?

Perhaps change my diet, no? I thought I’d give it a go. While preparing a whole meals isn’t my forte, I do enjoy preparing beverages. I like experimenting with different flavors. I researched specifically what fruits and veggies are the best for asthmatics and created a smoothie recipe that is so easy and quick to prepare. I like to call it my “asthmapple berry smoothie”. I mean, I had to give it name when I introduced this concoction to my family.

There are four ingredients but really all you need is three.

1. Apples – Filled with vitamin C and E which reduces swelling in the lungs.

2. Blueberries – Extremely rich in antioxidants and boosts the immune system. It also contains anti inflammatory properties that eliminate narrowing of the airways.

3. Spinach – A great source of folate which is beneficial for asthmatic people as are other green leafy vegetables such as kale.

Asthmapple Berry Smoothie Recipe:

1 whole Gala apple
2 cups blueberries
1 cup spinach (or other green leafy veggie)
1 cup apple juice*

*use water instead of apple juice.

Throw everything into your blender, blend it all up and voila! Drink up and feel better.

You can also add other fruits and veggies like carrots and oranges or grapefruits. I added a celery stick into my second blend. Maybe I can try other combinations and share them with you. Follow us for more updates.


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