“No Problem”: Is It A Problem? || Tea Time Talks

In recent months I got a new job where I assist people from the moment I step into the office, whether it’s in person or over the phone. I do enjoy it (most of the time) and I get to become familiarized with new people on a daily basis which is always a plus. One little thing that stumps me sometimes is how to properly respond to “thank you”.  It might seem like something very straight forward, no?

I would catch myself saying “no problem” quite an awful lot and I’d instantly feel bad. I hear it being used frequently as an acceptable answer, but to me it’s just not good enough. Why is that you may ask? When I hear “No problem”, I feel like it implies that it could have been a problem or it could have easily been an inconvenience. I switched over to the classic “You’re welcome” and have stuck with it ever since. To me, saying “you’re welcome” seems more polite because it’s like I’m removing the insinuation that I possibly could have been bothered or hassled by the task. 

Also, after having to deal with countless people who may or may not have been unnecessarily rude, the jibber jabber of incessant complaining that grate on my nerves and certain somebodies who seem to be impossible to please at times, my attitude won’t be perky and pleasant all the time. For this reason, I feel like without even realizing it, sometimes my tone is very dull and off putting so my “no problem” can come off as kind of snarky. The last thing I want is to upset someone without that even being my intention. I want to reassure people that I’m here to assist them gladly and that they are welcomed to come to me at any moment. Did you catch the magic word there?

So is it a problem to say “no problem”?  

While I personally prefer not to use it, I would say no, it’s not really a problem as long as you’re sincere. It also depends on who the thanker is. I’ve noticed that the older generation tends to prefer “you’re welcome” as opposed to the former. If you’re someone who works in customer service you know what a pain this can be because you really don’t want to accidentally tick someone off and have them scream at you, right?

Am I the only one who puts so much thought into this or am I just over thinking for no reason? How do you respond to “thank you”?


5 thoughts on ““No Problem”: Is It A Problem? || Tea Time Talks

  1. Thanks for the encouraging words. You’re totally right. In life, you can’t be a people pleaser because there’s always gonna be something that others don’t like about you. Might as well you be happy by doing you!


    1. sorry, just saw this. and indeed.

      getting to know you, through these that oh you write; you remind me of how i once used to be.

      naive; unknown to the ways of this world.

      anyways, hoping you’ve been well!



  2. i would say it depends, really. but most of the times, i’d end the conversation there.

    but I guess, one can’t be like that in corporate, so i’d say, do YOU. say what you feel like saying. there’s no point overthinking something simple such as this.

    and it’s good, that you’re kind and keen on helping others, but it’s okay to say no.

    wishing you the best!

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    1. Agree. Definitely overthinking.

      However, I think it’s the product of people being very sensitive in the past that now I’m very paranoid about whether I’m being unknowingly rude.

      Thanks for reading!


      1. if you always keep thinking about how other’s might feel, you’d never get a chance to be yourself.

        be shamefully you. if they think you’re rude, it’s their problem.

        one can’t please everyone.

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