It Ain’t Easy Being Wheezy

Wow! Of all the things in the world, who would have thought that I would suck at breathing? This covid-19 pandemic has caused an outbreak of mass hysteria and I was getting a bit scared that people were genuinely going mad! My mum told me that there was a little girl who was having an … Continue reading It Ain’t Easy Being Wheezy

Why I Don’t Use The Word “Virgin”

Over a week ago, shocking news about the rapper T.I. broke out and spread across social media. In an interview, he discussed the fact that he takes his daughter to yearly gynaecologist appointments to "check her hymen". Everyone was taken aback by his comment and rightfully so. I immediately took interest in the matter because … Continue reading Why I Don’t Use The Word “Virgin”

The Dirty Truth About Counterfeit Makeup

In this day and age, social media has become a widespread phenomenon. It is everyone's go-to place to get updated on what is fashionable and trendy. One of the biggest industries that is highly influenced by social media is the beauty industry. Much like high end clothing, there is also what is known as "high … Continue reading The Dirty Truth About Counterfeit Makeup