Clean & Clear Watermelon Skincare

I’ve never really had issues with my skin being acneic. I would get little pustules here and there whenever aunt Flo was about to visit, but that’s about it. However, ever since having to wear a face mask everyday for most of my waking hours I’ve noticed them making an appearance very often. Yes, I’ve got a case of ‘maskne’.

To be frank, I really neglected my skin for a good while which is so bad when you stop and think about all the build up of dead skin cells and other pore clogging impurities. It’s not so much that I didn’t care, but more so because I couldn’t find products that hit the nail on the head. I always rant about having extremely oily skin so naturally I opted for products that supposedly controlled excessive oil production. However, I found these products to be overly drying and left my skin feeling uncomfortably tight. Also, this caused my skin to produce even more oil!

Water-based products weren’t a step up either. They always left a greasy residue that made me look like I’d just dunked my face in coconut oil. I felt like I couldn’t win! I gave up for a while because I knew that slathering different products on my skin would be a recipe for disaster.

Finally, after many failed attempts, I stumbled across these products in Belize’s version of Walmart. I’m not even going to front. The packaging caught my attention. I went over to the aisle to take a closer look and I noticed the little label that said “oil-free + hydration”

Needless to say, I threw the whole line into my basket. It includes a scrub, gel cleanser and, the product I was most excited to try, a gel moisturizer.

The scrub is recommended for daily use which I would agree is fair since it doesn’t contain any abrasive micro scrubbers that could tear the skin. Instead, it has little scrubbing beads which are much gentler. The gel cleanser can be used twice daily which in my case I prefer once in the morning and once at night. After cleansing I massage a dollop of the gel moisturizer over my face and down my neck for a refreshing finish.

I must say that I’m always a bit wary when trying Clean & Clear products as some of them have irritated my skin in the past. I was pleased when I used the scrub and cleanser without any sort of burning. The moisturizer sealed the deal after I applied it generously over my face and did not feel sticky afterwrds. I actually felt my skin hydrated.

I genuinely enjoy using this product and I would recommend it if you’re thinking about trying it out. It does contain fragrance so that’s something for you to keep in mind. Personally, I like the scent and it doesn’t irritate my skin so I’m okay with it.

I hope you all liked this little review. If you decide to try this Watermelon line, I hope it works well and you enjoy your results as much as I do. As with anything you’re about to try for the first time, I would recommend that you initially start with using a little bit to see how your skin reacts to it. If you experience any sort of irritation or discomfort you should absolutely discontinue use immediately. If you have any concerns, definitely consult with your dermatologist before use.

Remember that healthy skin is happy skin!


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