How to Remain Positive

If you ask anyone who knows me well, you’d know that if I were one of the seven dwarfs I’d be Grumpy. I won’t deny that. My brother even once told me that Taming of the Shrew was probably written about me. However, if you’d meet me out and about you’d encounter a bubbly, upbeat gal. That isn’t a facade. I really do try my best to be super nice and kind to everyone I meet.

This brings up a certain question that I ask myself a lot. How do I remain so positive all the time? I took the time out to just ponder on this and I figured out my secret so I decided to share them with you all.

1. How would you like people to treat you?
I always treat people the way I’d like to be treated. This is especially for people in the service industry. It really doesn’t hurt to be a breath of fresh air to someone who’s probably been suffocating in a smoke of insults all day. Also, I find that if I’m kind to people, more than likely they will reciprocate that kindness. (This should be a big fat DUHHH! Right?)

2. It takes less energy.
To me it takes more energy to be mean. Trust me when I say I can be vile! Sometimes when I lose my temper and blow my top off at someone, my boyfriend sits there shaking his head because I really “didn’t need to go that far.” To be honest, after I’ve just squabbled with someone I feel very drained, both physically and mentally. It takes zero effort to just be nice.

3. Control what you can.
In high school I was taught the Serenity Prayer. I’m not the most prayerful person by any means, however, when I find myself being all negative and crying woe is me, I say this prayer to get rid of those emotions. If you’re not a person who prays you can also try reciting a little mantra I mentioned in a previous blog post, Controlling Different Emotions: “I can’t control this situation. The only things I can control are my emotions.”

4. Remain unbothered.
Sometimes I’m so apathetic to the point where I need to internally pep talk myself into showing some form of interest. This mainly happens when I begin to feel emotionally drained. I tend to withdraw myself emotionally. I also begin thinking to myself “what’s the worst that could possibly happen?” As long as it doesn’t result in me dying or worse… going to jail, I’m pretty much fine with it. With that said, I’m definitely not promoting having a lack of interest towards things. I’m just saying that if you feel like something isn’t bringing positive feelings to you, then you need to distance yourself from it. Don’t stress over it.

5. Do something you love
Just like eliminating things that bring out negative feelings, you should do things that promote positive feelings. This can be anything. If lying down in bed all day will bring you joy then tuck yourself in. If your job makes you feel happy then jump in your car and get to work. Whatever brings you positive feelings, go for it.

I get that we’re human beings and we cannot ooze positivity all of the time, but you also shouldn’t be dripping in negativity. I know a lot of people who are mean and spiteful just for the fun of it and guess what? They themselves are so unhappy. Take it like this; you get what you give. If you give off negative vibes then all you’ll receive is negative vibes as well. I’ll also take it one step further and add that you’ll receive it threefolds or even sevenfolds.

So I’ll leave you with this: Give off positivity and you’ll receive it tenfold!

What are some things that you do to keep your spirits up?


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